About ……. Printerested?


The existence of trauma and chaos within the urban landscape is a constant condition of contemporary experience, in the sense of being physically and mentally overloaded.  Into this aspect comes contingency, chance as a motive force – the power of the unpredictable and unforeseen to change outcomes and relations between things.   The urban palimpsest continuously and simultaneously creates new associations and disparities (Bender, 1998) and through time it continues to unfold and disclose meaning (Gadamer, 1967). The urban landscape as palimpsest exemplifies a relationship to life that possesses multiple meanings.   The city isn’t something that just happens, it is a cumulative product (Bowman, 1995); a social construction and a result of attitudes and actions where it exhibits layers of life, ‘where the construction and distribution of the built environment allows the transmission of meaning from one generation to the next’.   The world I live in is a chaotic, fragmented world.  I want to confront the chaos by working in a chaotic way. The flood of too much. The saturation. In this way I can express the complex contradictions that exist in my immediate environment and to work, as Hirschhorn states, ‘in emergency mode’.